“As métricas são importantes para toda a gente, mas o resultado é a única coisa que interessa no final de contas.”

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Lead Generation

Lead Generation – B2C Business Strategies

Nowadays, lead generation is one of the most sought-after services, either by professionals and companies. What used to be called prospects or contacts, today is called leads. The goal and…


Timeless Watches – Challenges of Launching a Brand of Luxury Watches

In the last 11 months, my partner Regina Santana and I have been working on a new project which we were fortunate to officially launch this week: Timeless Watches, the…

Perseverance and Persistence: Fundamental Keys to Success

Perseverance and Persistence: Fundamental Keys to Success

When people talk about business and success, they inevitably speak of perseverance and persistence. In the digital and non-digital worlds, there are many examples of successful cases of entrepreneurs who…

8 Biggest Mistakes Made In Digital Businesses

Over the last decade, I have had the opportunity to talk to great entrepreneurs of all kinds. Whether they are entrepreneurs focused on digital, physical, or other businesses, they all…